Restoration Druid Stat Weight Calculator

Submit your combat log here to calculate your stat weights. Calculation is based on the full log with the following assumptions:

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Some math for entertainment

The basic healing equation in patch 7.1.5 is

$$T=S∙S_c∙(1+V/47500)∙(1+(4.8%+M/66600) M_s )∙(1+6%+C/40000)∙(1+H/37500)+E$$

where $T$=Total healing, $S$=Spell Power (Intellect), $S_c$ is the spell coefficient (including traits/talents that increase it), $V$=Versatility, $M$=Mastery, $M_s$=HOT stack count on the target, $C$=Critical, $H$=Haste, $E$=Effects from certain trinket procs.

Note that certain spells do not benefit from haste (e.g. Tranquility), others double crit (by planting Living Seed) and certain trinket procs do not benefit from anything (Naglfar or Vial). This makes it impossible to give a general answer to the stat weight question without knowing the exact playstyle and content.


We know that every healing that benefits from spell power also benefits from versatility and vice versa so we can calculate versatility-intellect ratio. It depends on your gear but not on your playstyle or content. It is 0.66 for 32260 Spell power and 1433 Versatility (for any spell, any playstyle, any content). I define versatility value as (how much would I heal more if I had X more versatility)/(how much would I heal more if I had X more spell power). The general equation is:


Versatility has other effects like increased damage and reduced damage taken but were not included in calculation.


Value of crit is harder to calculate due to 2 mechanics:

It is not hopeless to calculate, however. Let us assume – based on parses – that 10% of total healing plant Living Seed (thus 90% not) and disregard the overheal issue for now. For this I modify the original equation crit part to


Giving us the crit value


A few notes about critical:


Haste would be easier to calculate if all spells would benefit from it but it is not the case. Tranquility – which gives 10-25% of our total healing – does not. Neither Swiftmend and to some extend Regrowth. Checking logs gives the impression that only 60-80% of our healing is amplified by haste but it is not that simple due to our mastery mechanic. Mastery increases almost all healing we do if there is a hot on the target. Even Tranquility is increased if Rejuvenation is running. To capitalize on this mechanic druids can and should amplify tranquility and all other spells with placing rejuvenations/WG/SotF/etc. on targets or when our main combo is executed (Swiftmend+WG+Flourish+Essence).

The goal of haste is not simply the healing output but also to lower GCD to enable placing more hots before Tranq or combo. This has small value but not insignificant. Sadly this value is not expressible by equations so I will do the haste equation without it. Keep in mind that haste is worth more than this.

Calculating with 75% total healing affected by haste gives us the value


Mastery (reliable calculation with the tool here)

Mastery is tricky as we need to know the hot count on the target to calculate its value. Placing a hot is already counts as one so a hot itself is increased by mastery. The equation is

$${S∙M_s}/{66600 +M_s∙(3196.8+M)}$$

Of course $M_s$ is the main question here. What we know about hot count:

At $M_s=1$ the value of mastery is terribly low: 2/3 of versatility. In a small group, however, mastery starts to shine and becomes the best secondary stat while at $M_s=2.18$ mastery equals intellect in value (at 32260 intellect and 2707 mastery).

Calculation details

Our goal is to calculate stat weights compared to intellect value. We do not want to know how much more healing 1 mastery gives but instead how good mastery is compared to other stats. For that we want to know how much we gain by increasing intellect by 1:

$${∆T}_S=T_{S+1}-T=S_c∙(1+V/47500)∙(1+(4.8%+M/66600) M_s )∙(1+6%+C/40000)∙(1+H/37500)$$

As you can see there is no more $S$ and $E$ in the equation. As intellect grows and everything else stays the same it gives the same increase. Also no more $E$ because it is independent of spell power.

Second step is to calculate this increase versus say versatility increase.

$${∆T}_V=T_{V+1}-T=S∙S_c∙(1+{V+1}/47500)∙(1+(4.8%+M/66600) M_s )∙(1+6%+C/40000)∙(1+H/37500)$$

Dividing them gives us what we want; the ratio of intellect and versatility. In other words: how better we heal if we increase our versatility instead of our intellect. Most likely it will be under 1 which means we heal worse.

$${∆T}_S/{∆T}_V ={S∙S_c∙(1+{V+1}/47500)∙(1+(4.8%+M/66600) M_s )∙(1+6%+C/40000)∙(1+H/37500)}/{S_c∙(1+V/47500)∙(1+(4.8%+M/66600) M_s )∙(1+6%+C/40000)∙(1+H/37500)}$$

I am sure you agree that this is a very nice equation! After simplifying it looks like this:

$${∆T}_S/{∆T}_V ={S∙(1+{V+1}/47500)}/{1+V/47500}=S/{47500+V}$$